Historical Change and the Position of Political Action in Ahmad Fardid's Thought

Document Type : Research Paper



Theoretical and philosophical approach to history is one of the ways for interpreting and understanding Iran's social and political problems in the contemporary era. Ahmad Fardid  is one of the most prominent Iranian philosophers in recent decades who tries to determine and understand the relationship between Iranian modern history and thought with the western civilization and thought throgh proponding spiritual knowledge and historical change. He compares intellectual and social changes of western societies with the history of eastern thoughts and investigates the emergence of metaphysics in the framework of historical eras in which the changes in historical eras are taken place according to the destiny of god's names and invisible identity. Fardid explains the evolution of historical eras with all its certainty and necessity, historical determinism and inevitability of events through historical change and the tricks of geist. The most significant shortage of Fardid's philosophy of history is the igniration of political action issue. This article explains and anlyzes Fardid's thought regarding history and deals with how human action affects or is affected in his theory of history.