The political

Document Type : Research Paper



It seems that having a consensus regarding the topic of politics organizes the direction of theoretical and practical activities in every society. When the topic of politics is comprehensive, it is called "the political". The political is the product of disputes and critiques of the past century by epistemologists of political science sphere; particularly when positivism in its zenith rejected all its rivals which were non-empirical and non-positivists as "unscientific", consequently non-reliant and ultimately useless. At this moment the rookies of positivist science of politics (and backward political philosophers) tried to prove their presence in the epistemological sphere through propounding "the political". In this regard, many attempts have been done in order to present a consensus interpretation about the political. This article deals with this trend and implicitly expresses that having an interpretation about the political paves the way for correct pursuit of political development in every nation.